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Nokia tells its users how to hold a phone

by on29 June 2010

Pun intended
Following Apple’s highly publicized troubles with iPhone 4 signal reception, Nokia has launched a blog detailing how users should hold their Nokias to avoid reception issues.

While Apple is advising consumers to buy a $40 piece of ghastly plastic to put around their brand new $1000 iPhones, or to learn to use their right hand, Nokia is taking a somewhat different approach.

Nokia suggests four distinct methods, dubbed the cup, the balance, thumb and finger and the lethal four edge grip. Of course, Nokia makes it perfectly clear that consumers can use their phones any way they won’t as their fingers will not cause any Nokia phone to lose a few signal bars. We agree it’s a cheap shot, but Apple was really asking for it. However, thanks to lackluster OVI services and the obsolete Symbian operating system and UI, many Nokia smartphone users could use some advice on throwing their phones against the wall. We can only say it's all in the wrist.

In related news, US law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff is planning to file a federal class action suit against Apple over poor reception experienced on new iPhone 4 handsets. God bless America's legal system and her judiciary.

You can check it out here.
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