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Duct tape and nail polish is cure for iPhone's sinister problem

by on29 June 2010

Design over form
Left handed users of the iPhone 4G are having to use duct tape and nail polish as a way of getting their expensive toys to work.

Steve Jobs is apparently indifferent to the fact that his expensive gadgets do not work if you use them in your left hand. Apparently rather than not paying money for the phone, left handed Apple fanboys are resorting to a bit of ido-it-yourself.

According to AP, a bit of duct tape - or a dab of nail polish placed on the right part of the phone will mean that it works for left handed people.

Apple has formally and informally acknowledged the problem but is not planning to do anything about it. Jobs described it as a “non-issue” so it must be. Apple will sell you some "bumpers" which fits around the edge of the phone which will cost you £29 but apparently duct tape and nail polish works just as well and does not cost you anything.

Of course it will stuff up Steve Jobs' design for the phone and mar its sleak beautiful black features. But hell, you will still own one and people will think you are cool. Almost as cool as the geek at school who used to fix his broken glasses with sticky tape.

Last modified on 29 June 2010
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