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iPhone glitch a non-issue says Jobs

by on28 June 2010

Left handers are the spawn of Satan

fanboys throughout the world will be jolly relieved to discover that the fact their iPhone 4 is broken is a complete “non-issue” in the eyes of its creator.

Jobs' Mob has admitted that if you use the iPhone 4 with your left hand it has some reception problems.  However it seems that a few users have managed to get hold Steve Jobs himself and asked him what he was going to do about it.

It turns out that the mighty Steve regards the whole problem as a “non-issue” according to some reported comments and he is going to do sod all to fix it. All users have to do to avoid the problem is “use another hand”. The alternative is to buy Apple's “bumper” case which can be had for $40. So rather than admit that he has cocked up, Jobs clearly expects users to spend more money to fix a design fault, or use the iPhone 4 with the hand in a position that he approves of.

We are looking forward to the law suit.  After all it is not as if Apple puts labels on the boxes saying “Left handers are the spawn of Satan and this phone will not work for them.”  Left handers could feel justifiably miffed and certainly had their consumer rights violated.
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