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It doesn't take three drops to shatter your new iPhone

by on25 June 2010

Just one, done right

We’ve all read reports that iPhone 4’s case is not sturdy enough to take more beating, as the glass will eventually shatter, but one unlucky user managed to do it on day one and, to make things worse, drop number one.

During the already famous “left hand” test, where iPhone starts losing reception bars, the iPhone 4 slid from the poor bloke’s hand and dropped on the concrete. The fact that it was rush hour definitely didn’t help with his grip, yet the ease with which the phone’s rear panel cracked casts a strange shade on Apple’s and its promo squad’s initial announcement.

So much for “aluminosilicate glass, chemically strengthened to be 30 times harder than plastic” and the claims that the iPhone 4 is “more scratch resistant and more durable than ever”. What’s even funnier is that Apple’s newspaper promo squads confirmed this. They claimed to have tested the durability and that it performed excellently (dropping it from a few feet onto a hard surface), yet retail samples don’t behave anywhere nearly as good. The same goes for scratches – it was supposed to be flawless.

Well, we’re sure that the rest of the world is just unlucky, and that it’s totally their fault. They should just buy a new one and stop complaining, because that’s what a true Appleer would do. After all, don’t ask what Apple can do for you – ask what you can do for Apple.

You can find photos of Jobs’ shattered crown jewel here.

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Last modified on 25 June 2010
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