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AMD launches FireStream 9370 and 9350

by on24 June 2010

Cypress goes pro
AMD has told its Cypress GPU to find work and move out of mom’s basement. The company has announced two FireStream cards based on the RV870, which debuted in the highly successful HD 5870.

The cards are designed for use in high-performance GPU computing systems, so they probably won’t be rendering blood and gore.  The 9370 packs 4GB of GDDR5 memory and fits into a PCI Express x16 slot and it features a DisplayPort output, although there’s not much chance of it being used.  Power consumption is rated at 225W

The 9370 offers a single-precision floating-point peak of 2.64 teraflops and a double-precision peak of 528 gigaflops. AMD claims it will deliver twice the performance of its predecessor, the 9270. The new GPU should be better suited to OpenCL and other GPU computing tools as well.

The 9350 is a downclocked version of the 9370 and it has just 2GB of GDDR5. It features a power requirement of 150W and it costs $799.
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