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Wikileaks bloke emerges from hiding

by on23 June 2010

US State Department wants a word with him
The founder of WikiLeaks has emerged from hiding to tell he does not fear for his safety.

The US state department is desperate to ask the Australian hacker what he knows of 260,000 classified messages about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Julian Assange had disappeared for more than a month after a young US intelligence analyst in Baghdad was arrested for leaking information to the site.

Assange told the Sydney Morning Herald that while the US State Department had made some very reasonable requests about the matter publically, privately some of their statements are a bit dodgy.

Assange said it would be a great error for the US to try to arrest him and he felt perfectly safe. However he will not be heading to the US on holiday soon, but who would anyway. Assange appeared in public in Brussels for the first time in almost a month to speak at a seminar on freedom of information at the European Parliament.

He told them that his site needed support and protection. The US website the Daily Beast has been warning that Pentagon investigators are trying to determine the whereabouts of Assange for fear that he may be about to publish a huge cache of classified State Department cables that, if made public, could do serious damage to national security. (Much like general McChrystal's interview with Rolling Stone. sub.ed.)
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