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OCZ goes for 1.8-inch SSD market

by on18 June 2010

Launches 1.8-inch Vertex 2 and Onyx

OCZ has decided that there is quite a market for the 1.8-inch SSDs and judging by the ultra-thin, netbook and tablet trends, they might be on the right track. The new OCZ 1.8-inch SSD will be available in capacities of up to 240GB for the Vertex 2 and up to 64GB for the cheaper Onyx.

The 1.8-inch Onyx features SATA 3.0Gpbs interface and uses MLC NAND flash chips combined with 64MB of cache and an Indilinx Amigos controller. It features TRIM support and boasts maximum read and write speeds of up to 145MB/s and 120MB/s for the 64GB model and up to 135MB/s and 70MB/s for the 32GB model, respectively.

The 1.8-inch Vertex 2 drive will be available in 60, 120 and 240GB capacities, will have native TRIM support and uses MLC NAND flash chips combined with Sandforce SF-1200 controller. The 1.8-inch Vertex 2 features read and write speeds of up to 285MB/s and 275MB/s, and a 50,000 IOPS for 4kB random write.

Although the pricing hasn't been officially announced, both the 1.8" Vertex 2 and the 1.8" Onyx have been listed in Europe. The 1.8-inch Onyx is currently listed at €104,90 for the 32GB version and €189,90 for the 64GB one, while the 1.8-inch Vertex 2 starts at €229,90 for the 60GB version, €459 for the 120GB and €869 for the 240GB version.

You can find the 1.8-inch Vertex 2 here and the 1.8-inch Onyx over at



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