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Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Coming

by on19 December 2007


Does this mean the title is no longer vaporware?

Is it possible that the biggest vaporware title of all time might be coming at some point in the future? George Broussard from 3D Realms has announced in their forums that a “teaser trailer” for Duke Nukem Forever would be posted for download later today at noon CST.

According to the post, the trailer was developed for an internal company holiday party and they decided to share it with their fans. No additional details are really available beyond what is in the post in the forums.

You know as much as we do about the trailer and what it means in the scope of the delivery of the game. I guess this means we can’t continue to be telling all of those “it will ship when Duke Nukem Forever ships” jokes, as the title may be closer to a reality than any of us really thought. I think we have always held out hope, but so many false starts and vaporware related promises have left us skeptical. This seems at least a step in the right direction.

Read the forum post here.

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