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Gainward GTX 470 tested

by on24 May 2010



Gainward GTX 470 is a great gaming card, and there are virtually no cons when it comes to performance. The fan, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired as the card can get pretty loud when the GPU is under load. Those that find the occasionally high noise levels discouraging can always resort to Gainward’s GTX 470 GOOD card with non-reference cooling and a slightly higher price tag. Standard GTX 470 cards currently go for about €320.

On the other side of the graphics fence, AMD’s HD 5870 is priced some €20 higher, and while our testing does prove it’s slightly faster, the GTX 470 often stages a comeback and wins. Basically it is often all down to particular titles and user preferences. This has been especially true in antialiasing tests, but it does fare well in DirectX 11 performance tests as well. If you like PhysX, CUDA or 3DVision, then GTX 470 might be what you’re looking for, but note that if you’re looking to add more than two monitors to your setup with a single card, you’ll have to turn to the red camp as Nvidia currently offers no such feature.

Unfortunately, choosing between these two cards is not as straightforward as it used to be. They are very closely matched both in terms of performance and price, so you basically can’t go wrong with either one.

You can find the card here.

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Last modified on 14 June 2010
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