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Cooler Master Storm CS-S and CS-M pads tested

by on19 May 2010


CS-M Weapon of Choice AK DM

CS-M Weapon of Choice AK DM is an M sized pad, but the pad is pretty large.

You can buy the CS-M Weapon of Choice in two versions – the first one is M4 DM which comes with an M4A painted on top, whereas the second one is AK DM which, as the name suggests, comes with a picture of AK-47 a.k.a. Kalashnikov.



We received the AK DM Kalashnikov version, a weapon which is usually reserved for the bad guys in most modern games.

As we already mentioned, the packaging for all three pads is almost identical, with the sole difference being the size.




This pad is flexible as well, so you can roll it up and take it with you.


The upper side of the pad is made of, as Cooler Master calls it, DurameshTM fabric. This fabric is made to provide excellent precision and improved tracking. Note that the surface of this fabric is not as smooth as those on the CS-S Battle Pad H2 and CS-M FPS Tactics DC pads.


When it comes to design, we’re sure anyone with a taste for being a bad guy will love it.


The pad is priced at €10.


We tested the CS-M Weapon of Choice AK DM by gaming and using standard, everyday apps with two mice.

This pad has proven to be extremely precise, but we couldn’t get used to the Duramesh fabric which is pretty rough and after a period of gaming, you’ll be feeling as if your palms are really dry. This might prove to be a problem with some users, but in the end this is a pretty subjective observation and some users might actually like this.


The base is made of natural rubber just like the rest of the pads on our test, and it does its job.

DurameshTM fabric gets dirty pretty easy and attracts dust, but it’s pretty easy to clean with water.

Last modified on 19 May 2010
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