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Cooler Master Storm CS-S and CS-M pads tested

by on19 May 2010


CS-M FPS Tactics DC

CS-M FPS Tactics DC is made with maximum efficiency and extreme optical mouse precision in mind. Its size is rated at M, but it’s slightly larger than the Weapon of Choice pad, which also has M size. It’s flexible and easy to roll up and take away. 

The packaging is almost identical to the previous two.




Cooler Master uses DuraclothTM fabric, which is tailored after optical mice. The surface is extremely soft and usage feels as if you’re working on just a tad bit rougher silk.


Any FPS lover will surely like the design, as it comes with a couple of war-themed pictures painted on the surface.


As was the case with the previous pads, the base is made of 100% natural rubber and gets the job done.


The pad is priced at €11.


We tested the CS-M FPS Tactics DC with somewhat older Logitech optical mouse, as well as two laser mice. We’ve tried it in gaming as well as standard, everyday apps.

This surface left the best impression of the lot. It performs great with the optical mouse, and the laser mice haven’t performed any worse either. FPS Tactics pad is very soft on touch, so hardcore gaming and long gaming sessions will prove to be a breeze.


The rubber base gets the job done and will keep your pad in place at all times.

Like most fabrics, the CS-M FPS Tactics DC surface gets dirty pretty easy and acts as a magnet for dust, but we’re talking about synthetic fabrics which can easily be cleaned with water.

Last modified on 19 May 2010
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