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Club3D HD 5870 Overclocked Edition tested

by on12 May 2010


Club3D HD 5870 Overclocked Edition is one of the quietest HD 5870 on the market, and it will surely go a long way towards making it one of the top choices among HD 5870 cards.

The card is overclocked from reference 850MHz to 875MHz, which is not much and is not enough to justify Club3D HD 5870 OC Edition’s price of €390. This is some €50 higher than the most affordable HD 5870. With efficient and quiet cooling, which will remain quiet and efficient even after overclocking the card further, and with free Dirt 2 game, additional funds needed to purchase Club3D HD 5870 Overclocked Edition are justified.

On the other side of the graphics fence, Nvidia’s GTX 470 is priced similarly to the reference HD 5870, but Club3D HD 5870 OC Edition offers better gaming performance and, of course, silent operation.

We recommend Club3D’s HD 5870 OC Edition to anyone looking for a powerful yet quiet high-end graphics card. If, on the other hand, silence is not something you care about, you might want to check out Club3D’s HD 5870 reference card which is priced lower.

You can find the card here.

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Last modified on 12 May 2010
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