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CoolIT ECO A.L.C. reviewed

by on29 April 2010



CoolIT ECO A.L.C. is an appealing product to those in the market for a high-end CPU cooler. It’s priced at about €70-80, which means it’s priced similarly to the large air coolers despite the fact that ECO A.L.C. is a water cooling system. One of the advantages of ECO A.L.C. system is that it’s significantly smaller and can be used in much smaller cases, where larger air-cooling solutions might not fit. 

ECO A.L.C. will directly compete with Corsair H50, which is based on the same principle and is priced similarly. Our testing revealed that both systems perform similarly as well, and both solutions took 3.6GHz and 4GHz overclocks in stride. Our test CPU, Core i7 965 XE CPU has a 130W TDP, meaning that users with a similar or slower CPU will be more than covered with ECO A.L.C. (Advanced Liquid Cooling) system. 

As far as ease of mounting goes, ECO is up there with most simplest of systems and the only thing that might take more time is mounting the backplate. The radiator and the accompanying fan is mounted on the rear panel of the case and the small pump with a large copper base is placed on the CPU. The adjoining pipes are sealed shut and the liquid has already been poured, meaning no user assembly needed. CoolIT’s warranty will keep you covered for two years but also adds how “pre-filed, factory sealed, liquid loop of carefully chosen components offers years of worry-free cooling.”

In conclusion, CoolIT's ECO A.L.C. is an affordable and reliant but compact liquid cooling system. It has proven throughout our testing that it can handle CPUs with TDP of 130W, and even higher as overclocking these CPUs will not be a problem with ECO A.L.C. It will fit in pretty much any case and we have no choice but to recommend it and give you a few clues as to where to find it.

€ 74,90 ECO A.L.C.
£58.98 ECO A.L.C.
£55.99 ECO A.L.C. 
$74.99 ECO A.L.C.
$62.49 ECO A.L.C hier

Meanwhile the product is also listed on our price-comparsion site, here.


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