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GTX480 is one power sucking monster

by on18 April 2010


Lost Planet

This was one of the first games with DX10 support. Sadly with the ATI cards, the DX10 benchmarks fails to run with an odd error. So we had no choice to run the test with DX9 under Windows 7 with ATI’s cards. The GTX480 did not have that problem, so we could run it in DX10 mode, but as expected the performance slowed down considerably, so it can't be compared against ATI here. In Windows XP we could set the resolution for the HD4850 to 720p and with the HD5850/GTX480 to 1080p. All cards are set to AA x4, AF x8 and all other settings as high as possible. In Windows 7 the bench did not let us choose 1080p, the maximum we could set was 1600x1200, and the rest of the settings remained the same. The fps remained quite the same on the ATI cards, but they had to render 153.6k Pixel less.



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