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GTX480 is one power sucking monster

by on18 April 2010


Stalker: Call of Pripyat

The HD4850 ran at high settings including HDAO high, whereas the HD5850 and GTX480 ran with extreme settings, HDAO CS or PS. All the benches were performed at 1080p resolution without AA. Unfortunately, DX10/DX11 only slows performance down and the eye-candy is not worth it. Interestingly the GTX480 drew about twice the power under Windows XP and DX9, despite the fact that performance did not get the same “boost”.  It's worth noting that the GTX 480 is rather pointless in an XP environment, so it is understandable Nvidia did not waste resources on optimizing its drivers for this ancient, but still widespread OS. In Windows 7, the HD5850 leads the performance charts, but is able to save some Watts.



Last modified on 24 September 2010
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