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Cooler Master GX 750 W power supply tested

by on16 April 2010


Cooler Master Gamer Extreme series was announced only recently and the series features three PSUs: GX550W, GX650W and our today’s sample - the GX 750W. Cooler Master is keen on establishing its name on the PSU market and we firmly believe they’ll manage to do that with the new Gamer Extreme series and the upcoming Gold Series (we’ve mentioned it here).

Our GX 750W has proven to pack enough juice to drive some serious rigs and it’s available at about €85 here or $114.99 here. The design is pretty compact – it’s slightly shorter than most PSUs in its class so you won’t have problems with fitting it in smaller cases. The fan is quiet which is pretty important.

We’re talking about a single +12V (60A) rail PSU with plenty of connectors but no modular design. Cooler Master provides four 6+2 pin power connectors for graphics cards, meaning that it will easily support two graphics cards with heftier power requirements.

Our practical testing shows that the GX 750W packs enough punch and will provide power for systems that draw above 600W (most gaming machines draw below 600W), but it’s still more efficient in systems with consumption below 600W. The PSU is stable, quiet and perhaps most importantly - nicely priced. So, with that in mind – what’s there not to recommend?

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Last modified on 16 April 2010
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