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Cooler Master's NotePal ErgoStand reviewed

by on01 April 2010


NotePal ErgoStand is aimed at laptops from 9’’ to 18’’, and while the versatility is appreciated, we’re sure that it will suit those with bigger and thus usually hotter laptops. The device comes with fan speed regulation, which means users have full control over how fast their fan spins. The fan’s minimum rpm stands at 700 whereas the maximum is 1400 rpm. We’re talking about a fan with a rifle bearing mechanism, which is often used on fans that sit in horizontal position.

At minimum rpm, the fan is very quiet but not inaudible. The airflow through the metal mesh is almost inaudible, but our test sample had a slight buzzing sound which could get on your nerves, especially if the room is quiet. Fortunately, CoolerMaster assured us that this issue is due to our test sample, and that the buzzing will not occur in the final version. In case you require total silence, you can always turn the fan off and still retain superior airflow that your lap, bedcover or similar would definitely hinder. It’s well worth noting that the fan noise is acceptable when running at 1400 rpm, and you can bet that the airflow will be great.

As you can see from the results, cooling performance is pretty good. Fujitsu Siemens Amilo MS2243 in idle mode ran up to 7°C cooler with NotePal ErgoStand and up to 4°C during the intensive Prime95 CPU test.


As far as portability goes, NotePal ErgoStand is not quite a small device – it measures 140x140x15mm (WxHxD). This means that you’ll need a pretty large backpack if you want to carry it around. Thanks to the side-handles, carrying the NotePal ErgoStand with laptop onboard will be a piece of cake, regardless of whether the entire setup weighs 1kg or 5kg. 

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