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Cooler Master 690 Advanced reviewed

by on19 March 2010


With its 690 Advanced, CoolerMaster continued the tradition of making excellent cases, and with the 690 Advanced priced at about €80, here, they surely can’t go wrong. In a nutshell, the CM 690 Advanced is a newer and improved version of the CM 690 case that was launched a few years back. Although this is a mid-tower case, you’ll find that the space has been utilized to the max, and the case will take up to three graphics cards, tall high-end CPU coolers and two radiators for water cooling. It comes with three preinstalled fans which will quietly take care of the airflow, but if that’s not enough for you, you can add up to seven more. All the fan-reserved spots have wire mesh grills, which will prevent dust from entering the case.

CM 690 Advanced is a newly launched case and currently the only CoolerMaster’s case with an external Sata X-dock, which is a great touch as it allows for quick and hassle-free connection of 3.5’’ or 2.5’’ HDD or SSD devices. Note that many docking station solutions use much USB connections, but CoolerMaster wisely opted on using the much faster SATA connection.

We were pretty impressed by the looks and the amount of features the CM 690 Advanced brings and such a low price-point really makes this case more than a bargain. In fact, we could easily find some more expensive cases that would stand in awe in front of what the CM 690 Advanced boasts, and all that at around €80. While we’re tempted to dare anyone to find a better case at this pricepoint, we’ll still have to stop here, but not before we dub our today’s test sample a Fudzilla Recommended case.









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Last modified on 19 March 2010
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