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Low profile Sapphire HD 5570 tested

by on09 February 2010


Sapphire HD 5570 card runs at 650MHz for the GPU and 900MHz (1800MHz effectively) for the memory. Gaming is possible at reference clocks, but naturally there’s nothing stopping you from overclocking the card and push it even further. We didn’t go further than Catalyst Overdrive allows, which means that you can push the card to 700MHz GPU and 950MHz memory (1900MHz effectively). With this overclock, the card scored 6% in Far Cry 2.

As you can see, the cooler has a small fan, which isn’t very quiet in 3D, although it’s not too loud either. You’ll hear it in idle mode as well, but it’s nothing that we’d call irritating. Intensive 3D can push the card up to about 75°C, whereas in idle mode temperatures duck to about 37°C. Good thing about this cooling is that the fan can be controlled from ATI’s Catalyst Control Center Overdrive tool. After tinkering with settings we made the card run quietly with maximum temperatures at 86°C in 3D mode.


Sapphire HD 5570 comes with low consumption and the card will draw 42.7W at max (HD 5670’s TDP is 61W) whereas idle mode consumption ducks to 9.69W. So, it’s evident that the card doesn’t require additional power connectors.


Last modified on 24 September 2010
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