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Low profile Sapphire HD 5450 is passively cooled

by on05 February 2010


Sapphire HD 5450 512 DDR3 PCI-E VGA/DVI-I/DP SKU#11166-00-40R comes in a large box that Sapphire used on HD 5600/5700 series, but with another picture. The front of the box shows flagship features to attract the customers – ATI Eyefinity multi-display support, DisplayPort and DVI onboard, DirectX 11, ATI Stream technology, PCI-Express 2.0, CrossFireX, LP bracket, 512MB DDR3 memory and SimHD plug-in for ArcSoft application.


The back of the box is pretty uninteresting and it features some of the afformentioned specs.


Within the box is another box that keeps the card from being damaged in transport. Of course, all of the used paper is recycleable.


As is usual with cheaper cards, the card doesn’t come with a free game, but Sapphire conveniently included two low profile I/O panels that can be used instead of the standard panel. The reason is that the original panel might not fit into your HTCP case, and it shows that Sapphire thought it out pretty well. The additional panel with an opening for a VGA connector can be mounted in the free slot next to the card. The VGA connector is connected with a cable so routing it to the next slot is not a problem.


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