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Lian-Li PC-B25F reviewed

by on04 December 2009



There are very few things that we managed to find that we didn’t like with the PC-B25F, but if Lian-Li were to make some improvements, we’d like to have the option to fit the hard drives the other way around in, as this would allow for an even tidier build. A SATA backplane as an add-on upgrade option could also be a potential candidate here which would make it even easier to install the hard drives and it should reduce the cable clutter to a degree, as it would require less power connectors to be used.


There’s also no native support for 2.5-inch drives, but at least Lian-Li is offering an optional kit for 2.5-inch drives to be fitted into the 3.5-inch drive bays, although it’s limited to one drive per rack which seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity. While on the subject of optional extras, Lian-Li is also offering a noise reduction foam kit, but the noise levels from the PC-B25F are quite reasonable as it is, despite the five fans. Several side panels with windows and extra fan mounts are also available, not to forget a wide range of card readers and fan controllers. The great thing with Lian-Li and its accessories is that they all match in terms of colour and materials used, although they won’t be as cheap as other third party accessories.

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The build experience was very positive with the PC-B25F and it really is a pleasure to work with a well crafted case like this. There’s no concern that you’ll cut yourself on sharp edges and everything fits together neatly. It’s the attention to the little details that will make or break a high-end case like this and Lian-Li definitely delivers where it counts. The overall design of the case is quite clean and somewhat industrial, with a backlit blue circle on the front of the chassis. It might be too plain to some, but we like the clean lines and understated design.


At €158,- this PC-B25F isn’t cheap, although it feels robust enough to last many years. Yes, you can find something similar for less money, but you won’t get the same craftsman ship nor the same amount of features thrown in as standard.  Overall we’re very impressed by the PC-B25FB and we’d whole heartedly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a well built, long lasting case.




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