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Gainward GT 240 Golden Sample GDDR5 tested

by on19 November 2009




A few days ago, Nvidia launched the GT 240 – a 40nm based card with DirectX 10.1 support. The card won’t consume much and will provide pretty good performance, but the price isn’t quite so good. The cheapest Gainward GT 240 is BLISS Geforce GT 240 512MB GDDR3 and it goes for €73, whereas our today’s sample is priced at over €94. The prices are pretty similar in partners’ offers, meaning that such high pricing comes from Nvidia. However, the prices should drop as soon as the GT 240 cards become more available.

Gainward did a great job with its GT 240 1024MB D5 HDMI DVI Golden Sample, and the card admirably handles gaming at 1680x1050.

Gainward decided to use GDDR5 memory, and the GT 240 Golden Sample comes with 1024MB. Thanks to the Gainward’s factory overclock, GT 240 GS scores nicely, and it even comes close to the results scored by Geforce 9800GT. Unfortunately, the 9800GT is still cheaper and better for gaming.

If you’re looking to buy a GT 240, you might want to wait a bit until the prices drop. If on the other hand you want CUDA app support, PhysX, Open CL or good video transcoding capabilities, HDMI 1.3a with audio support, which will definitely make cable management easier compared to the rest of Nvidia’s offer, then the GT 240 1024MB D5 HDMI DVI Golden Sampleis a good choice.

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Last modified on 20 November 2009
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