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Scythe FenrisWolf hunts in our lab

by on30 October 2009



Review: Silence is not golden, it's black

, the company well known for their excellent PC cooling solutions, has recently launched its first case. However, these "silence experts" have not taken this task solely upon themselves as they've had help in the famous German case modder - Benjamin Franz. As a result of their joint work comes the case FenrisWolf, named after a giant wolf from Norse mythology. We must admit that the case is seriously silent as well as stylish.

Before we move on to the case itself, let's take a look at the packaging. The package weighs about 7kg and measures 250x500x570mm (WxHxL). The case is obviously pretty large, but it's not too heavy thanks to the aluminum build.


The front of the box is nicely designed; it shows a large picture of the case and the Fenris creature. Of course, Scythe and Benjamin Franz's logos are there as well. 


The rear of the box shows the inside of the case with individual component descriptions. Additionally, you'll find full specifications on six languages.


Large pieces of Styrofoam and plastic shield the FenrisWolf from taking damage in transport. As we've already mentioned, FenrisWolf is made of aluminum, and the case measures 203x455x527mm (WxHxL). While the entire package weighs in at 7kg, the FenrisWolf case weighs exactly 6kg \.



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Last modified on 30 October 2009
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