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XFX 850W Black Edition PSU reviewed

by on22 October 2009


The XFX 850W Black Edition's box is quite practical, with a handle on top for easier carrying. We must admit that we look forward to unboxing XFX products as they tend to surprise with each new product, whether it's a gift or new packaging design. This time we recieved a black 850W beast with modular cables wrapped in a nice bag that you can put to good use elsewhere. As always, everything's neatly packed and secured.

 The company green dominates the box and combined with black is quite an eye-candy. The picture on the front resembles some kind of machinery, and after seeng the PSU you'll realize it's a not-so-far-off representation, as the Black 850W really stands out among other PSUs.


The box features XFX's logo "Play Hard", which remins us of the countless gaming hours with XFX's equipment. Furthermore, we'd advise you to visit XFX's booth on the next show you visit so that you can catch a piece of the "Play Hard" atmosphere there. XFX guys really know their marketing and are definitely experts in attracting attention. In the meantime, you can go and check out the unofficial marketing video we've accidentally come across on forums, here.  

The box is made of two physically separate cardboard parts. The smaller part contains the modular cables as well as a short user's manual, whereas the larger part houses the PSU. XFX's boxes tend to be somewhat puzzle-like, where small boxes are placed into larger ones, but the packaging is nice and tough.


We found modular cables within the bag, which you can use to keep the excess cabling left after mounting the unit. The cables will of course be added if they're needed, which is an advantage that modular design brings. Obsolete cables will no longer lay around the case and gather dust. The cable bag is pretty big and you can use it to carry your mouse, various adapters, USB sticks and such on your travels. XFX also ships two power cables, which isn't quite usual but is surely welcome, one European and one US model as well as a short manual and some screws.



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