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OCZ Blade Low Voltage DDR2 Kit

by on29 August 2009


While it's a bit unfair to compare a 2GB kit vs a 4GB kit, we did check what power-consumption is doing and we were quite surprised. While a difference about 0.4V-0.5V should not make much a difference, it did. And compared to the minimal voltage change the difference is huge.



While you do not get a speed boost compared to other modules, it makes a difference in power-consumption and heat. Of course we figured the spreader will not be hot, but the difference about 3.7W in idle and up to 6.5W at full load is stunning.

Of course low voltage modules are more expensive, this model is available for €66,- in UK, and not in wide release on the continent. A surplus of €10,- compared to the OCZ Titaniums, is money well spend. On the continent the price stucks about €80,- which is too expensive for our taste. The 1066MHz modules are available for €68,- which is €20,- more than the Titaniums at the same clocking.

When you have a small case or like to keep cool inside your case, this modules are for you. But we hope the prices come down soon.

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Last modified on 29 August 2009
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