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OCZ Blade Low Voltage DDR2 Kit

by on29 August 2009


We tested the OCZ against our current reference Kingstons modules which are rated at 2.30V-2.35V at speeds at 1200MHz, the OCZ runs always at 1.80V. They have three models at 1066MHz, 1150MHz and 1200MHz. OCZ sent us the 1150MHz model, which suffice for AMD. Our board did not like to go over 1100MHz, so it does not matter. On the Intel board we could max-out the 1150MHz, but we could not reach 1200MHz even with 1.90V. Do not over-voltage low voltage module, because they may get damaged easily.


As you can see the heatspreader is a bit bigger compared to the standard golden or silver spreader OCZ normally uses. In contrast to the Reaper spreader it doesn't cause problems for CPU-coolers. Running the modules they get warm but not hot.

Let's look what the modules have written in their SPD.





Kingston can run at  some tighter timings, but the difference is negligible.

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