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MSI X340 Pro with Core 2 Solo CULV

by on10 June 2009


Inside the case:

During MSI's PR event, Intel explained the new small-factor-platform in details, and obviously everything revolves around its compact size. In the past it was not that easy to make a small platform because the chips took much space. So they changed the packaging to deliver the same chips in a smaller form-factor. The GS45 is the same as the GM45, but instead of 34x34mm the new chip measures only 27x25mm. For a mobile chipset the TDP of 12W is still high, and adding another 2.5W for the southbridge. For months now, we have ranted about the 945GC chipset for the Atom platform which has a six times higher TDP than the CPU. Even in this market segment the chipset is taking about three times the amount of the north and southbridge. The built in Core 2 Solo has a TDP of only 5.5W. At least the graphics core is about twice as fast compared to the one used on the 945G Chipset and does have some HD decoding capabilities.

Look at the chipset, CPU, southbridge and WLAN module old-style. We apologize for the poor image quality.

Cliick here for a high-res picture.

Now here's the same architecture, but much smaller:

Cliick here for a high-res picture.

Because CPU-z in its current 1.51 version does not detect the Core 2 Solo correctly, we have used Everest to present you with all the important technical informations.


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