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Intel i7 975 Extreme in the lab

by on08 June 2009


Overclocking is a piece of cake, just raise the Turbo Mode and you are good to go. Surprisingly the D0 stepping worked flawlessly without any voltage increases with a multiplier of 29 resulting in 3.86GHz.


If you want the same with Hyper-Threading enabled, you need to increase TDC und TDP values in your bios. We added 20A and 20W and here we go:


If you want go higher you need to disable the power saving features and the best cooling solution money can buy. We managed to go to 4.3GHz but power consumption went through the roof. Also, the temperature with our Thermalright cooler jumped to 98°C which is way too hot for 24/7 usage.

Click here for the full-size screenshot.

Last modified on 08 June 2009
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