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AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition

by on11 May 2009


The most disappointing is the 95W TDP rating, which is the same TDP as most of the Phenom / Phenom II X4. Because the quad-core has only disabled cores but the cores are still running, the power-consumption goes quite high and can't match Intel's CPUs. You see this best at the CineBench R10 power-consumption efficiency.



CPU prices went down dramatically over the past few months. While some months ago, the 7750 could be purchased for €75,- now it sells under €55,-. AMD's new dual core 65nm Black edition offering is priced at under €62,- which is really cheap for such a CPU. Positioned against Intel's E5 series, this CPU is clearly superior due to it's much larger cache. When optimized for AMD the CPU can also beat the E7 series. This might be the last Athlon X2 65nm to come, as the CPU reaches its limits and we eagerly await the Phenom 200 45nm dual core series.

Everyone considering building a nice gaming machine has now the optimal duo to do so. Couple this CPU with an HD 4770 and you can easily build a rig with decent performance for under €400. 

So for the low budget customer we can recommend the AMD 7x50 series despite its high power-consumption We simply like the price / performance ratio.


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Last modified on 11 May 2009
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