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Acer Aspire Revo dissected

by on05 May 2009


No news about benchmarking. The Atom is still a crippled P4 which means the CPU is slow as hell, especially compared to Intel's high-end offerings. But besides that, the chipset helped with Aero, so disabling all the effects besides "Crystal Clear" does not make much of a difference. Surprisingly Vista was not completely stalling, but opening a website does take considerable time. Especially annoying was the updating, 17 updates took 1h 32minutes to download and install but this is what you get with Vista. Still you get enough performance for basic tasks like browsing, even basic gaming, something that Intel cannot do at all with nettop platforms and especially you get some nice multimedia expirience.

The Atom still is the slowest CPU with LameMT.


Just for the fun of it, we ran 3Dmark03 and 3DMark06. While the first did produce all the benches without stutter, the later was a pain to watch, so don't consider this platform for serious games but some basic ones at low resolutions should be ok.



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