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Gainward GTX 275 896MB beats the HD 4890 1GB

by on09 April 2009



Gainward’s card features non-reference dual slot cooling with two fans and heatpipe technology, which keeps the temperatures on BLISS GTX 275 lower than on the reference cards. Compared to the GTX 260 we have slightly higher operation temperatures, but idle temperatures are better. The GTX 260 has a lower-clocked core, which results in lower workload temperatures.

The new HD 4890 card uses improved HD 4870 cooling and this time comes with more copper for that extra cooling muscle. Although the core has been overclocked from 750MHz on the HD 4870 to 850MHz, the temperatures are still lower than on the previous card. On the other hand, Nvidia didn’t manage to produce a cooler card. 




Gainward’s cooling kept the temperatures in check during our overclocking, and we measured only 1°C more compared to not overclocked card. The fans were louder, but they were still not as loud as on the HD 4890.

We managed to score better than the GTX 285, and it took the highest tested resolution and enabled filters for the GTX 285 to reclaim its throne.






The GTX 275’s consumption is higher than on the HD 4890, but thanks to more efficient 2D/3D operation mode, Geforce cards are usually more efficient in idle mode, as Radeons keep the 3D memory clocks in idle mode as well. 



Gainward BLISS GTX 275 is a great card that will have no problem chewing up any game even at resolutions ff 30’’ monitors. Speed-wise, we’d put it closer to the GTX 285 than GTX 260, and overclocking will help you in getting the results of the much pricier GTX 285. This card is faster than Radeon HD 4890 and it costs about €20, and we must admit that the price difference concurs with the superior performance it has put in today.

BLISS GTX 275 comes with non-reference dual-slot cooling with heatpipe technology, and it keeps the core at maximum 85°C, whereas idle mode results in temperatures of 40°C. The cooler comes with two controllable fans that aren’t too loud during operation.

Priced at about €225, Gainward BLISS GTX 275 is a card we’d recommend to anyone craving gaming at 1920x1200 or higher. So let us recap - superior performance, good thermals and noise levels, excellent overclocking potential and for many the most important - great pricing for a high end card is what makes this card a Fudzilla recommended piece of equipment. Don't forget that the HD 4890 is also a great card, albeit a bit slower, but then again, it's also cheaper.


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Last modified on 09 April 2009
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