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MSI DKA790GX works well

by on29 March 2009



We have not included benches this time, you can check them out at our previous review. The other reason is, we have a new test setup with some enhancements which we will introduce shorty.

While we are not happy with some design decisions, the connectors for the SATA and PATA are located at the best possible position. Most importantly the board worked stable and fine.

We hope that some BIOS issues will get resolved, as we discussed it with MSI far too many times. Anyways, every experienced user should be able to set the BIOS correctly. If you are unsure of some settings, drop us an email, we will try to help you.

The board does offer nice overclocking capabilities. Besides that, MSI has the most energy-efficient boards in the market. The only problem is the price. As you can see this board is priced about €106,- which is over €30,- more expensive to other comparable boards. The Platinum Edition is €20,- more expensive and offers only Firewire and 128MB sideport memory. While a second graphics card may come in handy, for gamers it doesn't offer serious gaming-power. If you have the extra cash, the hardware will not disappoint you.

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Last modified on 30 March 2009
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