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MSI DKA790GX works well

by on29 March 2009


As usual MSI is using a AMI 1MB BIOS. We have ranted about some stupid BIOS settings in the past, and guess what, nothing has changed. We have no idea which gamer is using serial ports and floppies, especially because MSI has finally managed to include a BIOS flasher in the BIOS itself, that took only two years. So if you see Executive Bit, HPET and/or SMART disabled, we strongly recommend you enable it.

The board was stable with 265MHz FSB, which is quite an achievement.


With a Black Edition you don't need to overclock via FSB, just increase the multiplier and there you go.


The board auto-detects 800MHz, but you can change the multiplier easily so the CPU does 1067MHz.

Last modified on 30 March 2009
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