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Elitegroup AM3 DDR3 benched

by on03 March 2009



Please note that different bios revisions may give different results. As usual with our AMD benches we skipped x264, because it can not match any Intel CPU. Our benchmarks are quite self-explanatory. Apart from the usual benchmarks, we included a Far Cry 2 benchmark, which should show the benefit of a faster CPU and/or faster memory.



DDR3 comparison:
Checking the graphs above, we see DDR2 800MHz CL4 brings the same results compared to DDR1333 CL9 which is disappointing. We have decided to test if other memory speeds will do any good. We have skipped Cinebench and 3DMarks because they deliver almost identical results.


As you can see LameMT doesn't care about memory speed. At least FarCry2 does, but the gap is small. Between the slowest and fastest settings the difference is only about a half frame which are less then 2%.

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