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Corsair DDR3 1600MHz Triple Kit tested

by on19 January 2009



The performance that comes out of this triple kit is less than we hoped for. While the synthetic bandwidth test shows up to 20% performance gain, it does not translate in real life applications. The maximum gain we see is only a mere 1.5%. In our previous tests with the Core 2 platform we saw some more gains, but it seems the integrated memory controller is hindering any further performance gains.

The modules are quite nice and the heatspreader is well built, but as you can imagine, there is no need for any headspreader at this voltages. The good thing is that modules stay cools at all times.

We cannot justify any high speed modules for the Core i7 platform. This is a pricey platform anyway, and the performance gain is marginal. Also you need to overclock the internal L3 cache clock which will require more power for the CPU.

This 6GB kit can be bought for €198. As you can see prices for DDR3 went down considerably. On the other hand you can buy a 2GB 1066MHz CL7 module for just €30, so three of them will set you back only €90, if you can live with a marginal performance loss.


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Last modified on 19 January 2009
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