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ELSA teams up with Ageia

by on18 December 2007

Makes Phynite X100 PhysX card

It looks like graphics card manufacturer ELSA has jumped onto the PhysX bandwagon, or at least its Japanese branch has, as we couldn't find the Phynite X100 card on the European Website.

The fact that ELSA has a PhysX card might not be great news in itself, but when you realize that this card sells for the ridiculus price of ¥5,980 or about €37 in Japan, then it's big news.

Both Asus and BFG are selling their cards in Europe for well over €100 a piece and this has been one of the factors putting people off buying into physics acceleration. At €37 we're sure Ageia will have a lot more sales and we can only hope that the cards comes to Europe at this price point some time very soon.

With game support finally starting to appear, a drastic reduction in the hardware price might just give Ageia the kick start they need to make people interested in what they have to offer.

You can find the product page here and a few pictures of the pricing in Japan here
Last modified on 19 December 2007
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