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Scythe Musashi is great

by on17 December 2008


Scythe managed to deliver its promise of a silent, but still powerful, PC-platform with extending its product line with the marvelous Scythe Musashi graphics-card cooler. We only found one negative point: the mounting screws are a bit thin, so the cooler can be moved even when mounted, but this did not change the results of our tests. Because the transistors for the VRM on the HD4850 are very small, we would welcome a push-pin solution which would certainly remove the problem of improper adhesive connection.

With a fan speed so low the fans are inaudible we achieved very impressive results. There was no need to use the high-speed fan setting. This cooler will also manage to cool less powerful graphics cards completely passively, as long there is sufficient airflow in the case.

The temperatures never exceeded 60°C, which is very healthy for a graphics-card. Naturally, overclocking will also improve if you're into it, but our primary goal was to achieve a silent graphics-card. The Scythe Musashi is available for €30,- which is not a bargain, but very reasonable for the quality and results you get. In the U.S. we found a price of $32.95, which is very competitive price.

Overall, we can highly recommend the Scythe Musashi.


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Last modified on 18 December 2008
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