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Scythe Musashi is great

by on17 December 2008


To test the cooler we used a standard Radeon HD4850 single-slot card, which is especially annoying due to the high temperatures of the whole card and its noise under heavy load (unbearable for the writer). Installation is really easy, so we won't go into detail. The only thing worth mentioning is to always clean the chips; otherwise, the thermal adhesive won't work, and do apply some pressure for about three minutes (especially on the tiny VRM transistors), otherwise, the coolers will fall off.

The cooler is almost compatible to every card on the market; just three cards, which are old Radeon 9550/9600 and GeForce 6600 GT AGP cards, are incompatible.

If you are using a weaker card, such as Radeon HD4600 series and lower and GeForce 9600GT and lower, you can remove the fans and make it completely passive, as long as you don't try to overclock and have sufficient airflow in your case. Either way, the cooler is using a second slot.

We ran all tests with the lowest RPM setting possible, we connected the fans directly to a 5V connector and set the control knobs to high. For an extensive chart, click the pictures.

Radeon HD4850 single slot idle:

Radeon HD4850 Musashi idle:

Radeon HD4850 single slot load:

Radeon HD4850 with Musashi load:

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