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We played with NZXT's Avatar

by on06 August 2009



The software installation is as easy as it can be, few clicks on the "next" button and you are up and running. The software places a small icon on the taskbar for quick access to the button configuration panel, and various sensitivity settings. Avatar's software allows up to five different profiles, three different pooling rate settings and as mentioned before four different DPI settings.


The sensitivity tab of software offers settings for master X and Y axis sensitivity, as well as sensitivity settings for the Windows pointer speed. The last, advance settings tab, has scroll speed settings and sensitivity, double click speed settings and a test area.


We used the Avatar for some casual gaming and normal office work and it performs admirably. We had a slight doubt concerning this mouse, as it is the first one made by NZXT, but it certainly surprised us. It works well in games, both FPS and RTS as you can set the DPI depending on your need. It is comfortable and slides easy over any mouse pad that we have tried.


The Avatar is a NZXT's attempt to enter the gaming peripheral market, and as far as we are concerned it's a rather good product. With its sleek, elegant look, precise 2600 DPI sensor and that soft blue LED backlight, the Avatar is one of the coolest looking mice that has ever entered our lab.

Some people might not like the slim and light design of the Avatar but as with all gaming peripherals but this is purely a question of personal preference and taste. The only thing that we had to get used to is the location and sensitivity of the side buttons, as it is a bit annoying when you hit the back button in the browser when you don’t want to, and in games it can maybe cost you a kill or two, depending on the command that you assigned to this button.

It has an ambidextrous design so left-handed users will feel like at home with this mouse. Due to its "Gaming mouse" label some might object the lack of weight system which is now a must when you are talking about gaming rodents, but we didn't have any objections to Avatar's weight as it is heavy enough for you to feel it and light enough not to snail over the mouse pad.


The mouse currently sells at for US $69.99. The Europeans can find it listed at for as low as €38,86, which is yet again not as expensive as some "high-end" gaming rodents.

With the elegant and sleek looks, decent price, and top notch performance, we can easily recommend the Avatar.

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