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Four 780G and one GeForce 8200 tested

by on01 July 2008



J&W RS780UVD-AM2+:


We have already checked the pre-production sample in March. The final design has only slightly changed, so expect black SATA-connectors and a black heatsink without the AMD-logo on the new board.

The board does not use the full µATX size, which is quite lame because the board can't be fixed as good as it should, because it's about 1cm shorter. One PCIe x16 and two PCI slots are standard for such a board. The analog three+one phase VRM design handles only 95W TDP CPUs and therefore do not try to use more power-hungry CPUs, as it might kill the board. Besides the Port 80 onboard diagnostic the board also features unique 64MB onboard memory for the 780G chipset, which is called sideport-memory. This will help in graphics intensive applications or games.




The back-panel is quite empty. While featuring VGA, DVI and HDMI, of course you can use either DVI or HDMI, you get only four USB 2.0 ports, one LAN and only 7.1 analog audio connectors. While some of the space is eaten by the LED display for the onboard diagnostic, we would have wished for an optical output on the panel. At least J&W does provide a slot bracket for that.




The board should ship for €59,- but we were not able to find any source.


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