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Phenom 9850 at 3.1GHz idles at 28° Celsius

by on04 April 2008


Preview: Cool and Quiet at 1250MHz

We did
some Phenom X4 overclocking and we wanted to see what happens when you turn the Cool'n quiet marchitecture to an overclocked CPU.

When stressed, Air-cooled Phenom 9850 will reach 60+ Celsius, but once you stop all the nasty applications it idles all the way to really mild 28 – 35 Celsius. The only thing you need to do is the enable Cool and Quiet on your motherboard and set the energy settings in Windows to energy efficient.

In Idle mode Cool’n Quiet downlocks the CPU to 1250MHz with 6.25 multiplier times 200 MHz buss speed. This actually means when you surf the net and read your word documents, that most of us do most of the time, the Phenom 9850 will go down to below 40 Celsius; while in games it can easily get back to the low sixties.

Just as in first preview that we did here, we used MSI K9A2 Platinum und OCZ Vendetta cooler and OCZ 2x1GB DDR2 1066 Reaper memory and Gainward's 9600GT card.



Last modified on 04 April 2008
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