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Pleomax portable speakers reviewed

by on11 March 2008



Pleomax USB Speaker PSP-5000W

We see a similar style of packaging like the one we saw with the PSP-5100W.

In the box you’ll find the speaker unit and the user manual. As soon as you take the speaker out of the box, you’ll be amazed by its strange futuristic design. At a first glance, you could never tell that it’s a speaker, but when you look closer it becomes clear.


Just like the previous speaker, you connect it to your PC via USB as well as a standard 3.5mm audio jack. This speaker is also USB powered and that’s the only function of the USB cable in this case. The top of this speaker is a big shiny button with a couple of functions. It is used for turning the speaker on and off, but it's also used for reflecting the light from three orange lights underneath it. Altought that's not all it does, as it also acts as a reflection surface for Pleomax’s innovative Audio Lens technology that spreads the sound in all directions without loss in sound quality.


This designer speaker unit packs two speakers, one at the top and one at the bottom of its tube-like casing. The speaker at the top is a tweeter which is rated at 0.5W (4Ω), and its function is to improve the sound quality. The speaker in the bottom is rated at 3W and it also uses the Audio Lens technology, but it uses the surface underneath the speaker to to achieve the same effect.


The center of this “Sound Tube” has three rings for sound control. The central one controls the volume, and the other two controls the treble and bass. As far as sound quality goes, considering the dimensions of this gadget, we were quite impressed.


This speaker is also available in 2 colors, black and white, and it’s priced at around €10.


This might be a nice looking accessory for your notebook. It has surprisingly good sound quality considering the dimensions and it’s compact and easy to use. Try as we might, we couldn’t find any cons, and with a €10 price tag, it's hard to go wrong with it if you've been on the hunt for an unusual notebook speaker. 

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Last modified on 14 March 2008
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