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Asus developing bamboo notebooks

by on14 December 2007


Greenpeace is gonna love this one

Asus is working on a bamboo chassis for its high-end notebooks. While this might sound a bit strange, we're used to seeing interesting design concepts from this company, such as its stylish leather 11.1-inch U1F series.

It's also an interesting concept form an environmentalist perspective, although it still has all the nasty components of a regular laptop; but at least it might make you look as if you actually care about mother nature.


Bamboo is cheap and abundant, it grows fast, it's easy to shape and most importantly, it's light. It also looks damned nice, at least on this machine. Of course, bamboo won't help heat dissipation, but at least it should provide a bit more noise isolation than metal alloys.

Unlike the leather U1F, animal lovers and vegetarians might actually like this one. If you don't have vast armies of termites running around your place, check out more on Reuters, here.
Last modified on 15 December 2007
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