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Sapphire's water cooled HD 3870 X2, more tests

by on22 February 2008


An Atomic, yet silent solution

Sapphire's Atomic HD 3870 X2 has a water block that works well, at least that's our first impression. It is meant for overclocking, and for easier installation Sapphire made one completely closed system. After a couple of minutes it is ready to rock and roll, and the most important thing is that it's totally silent.


We heard some bubbling caused by the air in the water system at first, but it disappeared after a couple of minutes, leaving the system silent and peaceful. It is important to mount a water pump with the radiator above the graphics card facing pipes down.


The cooling box is shaped like an "L" and one side of it contains the radiator and fan, while the water pump is in the other part of the cooling box, hidden under a plastic cover.


The core clock is 825MHz with memory clock at 900MHz (1800MHz effective) which are reference speeds, but the card is meant for some much higher overclocking speeds. At these speeds it scores 13500 marks in 3Dmark 06. 
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