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Home-brewed AMD Spider tested

by on01 February 2008



Review: Phenom, 790X and HD3850


A local computer store has been kind enough to send us a couple of interesting components, found in official specs of AMD's Spider platform. These are any motherboard based on 790X/FX chipset, ATI Radeon 38x0 series graphics card and any AMD Phenom processor.



Motherboard: MSI K9A2 CF, price 197KM (supplied by INGEL)
Processor: AMD Phenom 9500 QuadCore, price 432KM  (supplied by INGEL)
CPU Cooler: AC Freezer 64, price 42KM  (supplied by INGEL)
Graphics Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3850 512MB GDDR3, price 403KM (supplied by INGEL)
HDD: Hitachi 320GB sataII, price 151KM (supplied by INGEL)
RAM: Kingston 2x 1GB 800MHz 5-5-5-18  2x52 (supplied by INGEL)
PSU: Fortron Epsilon 700W, price 221KM  (supplied by INGEL)
DVD RW: NEC 7170S, price 55KM   (supplied by INGEL)
Monitor: FujitsuSiemens 21“ CRT

(2KM = 1€, tax included)

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