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Intel QX9770 quick view

by on24 January 2008


Overclocking FSB:

While our QX9650 sample was able to reach 465MHz, this sample reached only 455MHz. We could do a screenshot, but it was not stable to run our benchsuite without resetting the board.


Overclocking Frequency:

While we were not that satisfied with the FSB overclocking, we achieved a stable 4.20GHz. Any attempt to go to 4.30GHz failed, except for the BIOS screen, booting Windows XP was out of the question with our selected VCore of 1.4000V. You can go higher, but you need a better cooling solution than we currently use. As you can see, we did not go for 420MHz FSB, because this was unstable, while 350MHz worked flawlessly. Overclocking to 3.60GHz was possible without increasing VCore.

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Last modified on 25 January 2008
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