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Pleomax mice tested

by on16 January 2008



Micing on the cake


Pleomax by Samsung is a company that made its name from accessories, and they were kind enough to supply a couple of their products so that we can review them for your reading pleasure.

Pleomax - Dolphin Mouse

Dolphin is the simplest optical mouse from Pleomax. You can get it in four colors (black, white, yellow and grey). The optical sensor packs a resolution of 800 dpi, and it will be enough for any office task. It’s a USB mouse, but just in case you don’t have any free USB ports, Pleomax ships a USB-to-PS/2 adapter. Dolphin design went really well and the mouse looks even cooler with an LED lamp in the scroll wheel.



With only two buttons and a scroll wheel you can’t quite call this a gaming mouse, but it will be sufficient for regular non-demanding users. Although the design looks cool, it didn’t quite fit in our hands well, but it did get the job done. 



·  800 dpi

·  Blue LED lamp

·  Tracking: 300dpi 50 mm/sec

·  Dimensions: 68mm / 38.5mm / 123mm

·  Cable: 2.7 mm/1,800

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Last modified on 17 January 2008
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