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DFI LANparty UT P35-T2R close-up

by on02 December 2007



This board may not be the fastest with certain applications, but it is still the best. It has some drawbacks due to the layout, Transpiper and compatibility issues with some CPU-coolers, but it has all an overclocker can dream of. While you "play" with the board you learn with every step what the timings will do. Contacting  DFI support results in an incredibly fast response, and any other vendor can take this as an example.

The board was stable all the time, some 1fps slower is not something we care about that much; but you can squeeze out every MHz your CPU can manage while keeping your CPU cool and energy costs low.

We definitely recommend this board. You can grab it for under €193,- here, which is still 10 bucks less than ASUS Blitz Formula but you will not receive a fancy LCD-Display, either. While a Bugatti Veyron does not make any sense, this board does.


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Last modified on 03 December 2007
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