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Phenom 9500 2.2GHZ scores close to C2D 6800 at 3GHz

by on21 November 2007


First look:
In 3Dmark06

We had a chance to down clock Phenom 9700 to 2.2GHz and check some scores of the Phenom 9500. We set the multiplier to 11 and checked the 3Dmark06 score. Phenom 2.2GHz will be the lowest priced one around and it will sell for only €169.

We scored 9381 marks and Sanjin of Fudzilla scored 9511 with Intel Core 2 Duo 6800 at 3GHz. It is still not a fair comparison, as we compared quad core with dual core, but you have to bear in mind that Intel works at 3.0GHz while Phenom 9500 works at 2.2GHz and still scores just a few marks less than Intel.

At least in this test, Phenom 9500 at 2.2GHz doesn’t look that bad at all, but we need a CPU to do some in-depth investigation on the real performance. Here is the proof. 2.2singlecard

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