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Gainward Geforce 8800GT faster than 8800GTS 640MB

by on29 October 2007




Gainward and Nvidia did a great job with the 8800GT. Nvidia offers a lot to gamers, and the price of €250 is just right. The card can even go head to head with 8800GTX, but only until you turn Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering; due to its 256 bit memory interface it just can’t handle it that well.

The card runs at 728MHz, and the memory is easily overclocked over 2000Mhz. Overclocking yields much better results, so hard core overclockers will be very pleased. Also, the card has a single slot cooler and isn’t power hungry.

It is faster than 8800GTS 640MB that ruled this part of the market, and knowing that it’s faster than Radeon HD2900XT stands as a testament to its power. All things considered, we recommend this card to anyone. At this moment, €250 can’t buy you a faster card that will handle 2007 DX 10 games and all your gaming feats.

Its good performance, loads of overclocking potential, along with a low price assure the 8800GT our Recommended award.


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Last modified on 01 November 2007
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